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Everybody knows that mastering the Russian language is tough.  Russian is very different from English or, say, French.  There are many grammar rules and the words change all the time, depending on cases used in each sentence.

One of Valerie’s School teacher’s heard a funny conversation between a Frenchman and a group of Ukrainians who were perfecting their French speaking skills.  The poor Frenchman complained that although he knows and can speak Russian, which he adores, he could not tolerate the fact that his name changes every time because of different cases.  While in English or French, it is always, for example, GildA, in Russian the name would be “GildIE”, “GildY”.  Or, for example, name “Anna” will change to “Annie” when you use verb “give” with it, or “Annoy” when you will say that you went for a walk with her.  Challenging?

Don’t be afraid to speak.  Don’t be afraid of grammar rules.  Study Russian painlessly with the experienced teachers at Valerie’s School. 

Valerie’s School offers a speaking only course.  No writing, no grammar!  Everything you learn, you will learn by practicing it in everyday conversation.  All of the classroom time is dedicated to training student’s speaking abilities.  Students also do numerous listening activities, repeat after the speaker, ask and answer questions non-stop. In other words, you will learn by ear, repeating after your teacher.  Each class you will receive handouts with exercises and all activities that were covered in class, so you will have the chance to revise the materials at home.  Just imagine, after the first class you will be able to name yourself, say where you are from, what you do and why you are in Ukraine.  Isn’t it great?  Russian lessons at Valerie’s School are fun, interesting and culturally relevant.  You will not be bored a single minute of your time spent in the classroom.

And remember – if you are living in Ukraine, you are learning Russian outside classrooms.  Your will have continuous contact and interaction with native speakers, so go for it! Don’t sit on the sidelines.  Speak Russian.

Whatever your reasons for studying Russian – career, traveling, culture or pleasure – we are here to help you!

Most clients of Valerie’s School prefer private classes as they can easily set their own schedule and change it as many times as they want.  Besides, private classes give students an outstanding opportunity to communicate face-to-face with the teacher.  Group classes are also available at Valerie’s School.  For detailed information on group schedule, call or e-mail us.

PRIVATE CLASSES can be scheduled any day any time!  Call or send us an e-mail two weeks in advance so we can arrange a class for you.
Valerie’s School is opened Monday through Fridays from 10.00 to 19.00.
Classes can be scheduled Monday through Fridays from 8.30 to 20.00.

Classes are 60 and 90-minute long.
Students are advised to take minimum two classes per week to master Russian in the shortest possible time.

GROUP CLASSES meet at the time allotted by the school.
Classes are 60 and 90-minute long.
Groups meet 2 or 3 times per week, depending on the chosen schedule.

PRIVATE GROUP CLASSES are possible with Valerie’s School.  If you already have a group, we can negotiate the time and the place of classes!!!



Number of lessons per week

Duration of one lesson

Price for one student per class

Price for ONE student per month


60 minutes

180 UAH

1440 UAH  *


90 minutes

180 UAH

1440 UAH  *



Number of lessons per week

Duration of one lesson

Price for ONE student per class

Price for TWO students per month


90 minutes

1040 UAH

2080 UAH  *


90 minutes

1560 UAH

3120 UAH  *

*The payment for the first class is to be made at least one day before the scheduled class either at the office of Valerie’s School or to Valerie’s School bank account.  Bank details are provided upon request.  After the first class, the following payments for classes are made in installments for
10 classes.


Six levels of intensive language study

Number of students

Total number of lessons

2 lessons a week

Price* for one student per course



5 months

3000 UAH *

* The first class in a group is free of charge.  The first class is 60-minute long and is presentation of Valerie’s School teaching methods.  Before the second class, the student pays for the course.  10% discount is provided upon full payment.

Teachers at Valerie’s School are experts in teaching Russian to foreigners.  Each has many years of classroom experience and constant interaction with foreign students.

Our school is proud of our professional management, and close attention given to each student!!!  Once you come to us, you will realize that our school feels like home!  So you will get a home atmosphere to master this challenging language!

Remember that you are with us to SPEAK!!!
Valerie’s School – speak your mind!!!


Address: 14, Mykhailivska St., second floor 
(“Maidan Nezalezhosti” metro station)
tel.: +38 (044) 209-57-12, +38 (067) 503-12-53

Training hours: from 8.30 to 21.30 — seven days a week

Administration office hours: from 10.00 to 18.00 — during weekdays (Saturday and Sunday are days off)


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